Here at PCMC Painters, we provide you with different types of painting services like Interior
Painting, Exterior Painting, Commercial Painting, POP & False Ceiling Design, Etc. we deal with House
painting, apartment painting, bungalow painting, society painting, building painting, Govt Buildings,
builder projects, contractor projects, single room painting wall pattern painting and a lot more. Our
simple motto within our team is a lot can be done with a paintbrush.
What are you waiting for?

Exterior Painting Services

PCMC painters have the kind of expertise that you would look for in a painting contractor, we
specialize in different types of house painting types and methods, we have the experience to deal
with metallic painting, Grilling & Door painting, Apex plastic emulsion, weatherproof paint,
waterproof paint, and many to list from.

Interior Painting Services

PCMC Painters interior house painting services provide you with one of the best painting jobs in and
around Pune and Maharashtra. Our team is a group of specialist painters who are experienced with
different paints and painting techniques etc. we deal with room painting, wall art paintings, textured
paintings, Luster painting, washable paints & Semi-washable paints, tractor emulsion, Matte
painting, Matte-shin Paint, glossy paint, and many others. Whether it’s a full re-paint or a new
accent wall, your home deserves only the best.

Commercial Painting Services

PCMC Painters are also one of the best painting contractors in the business in and all-around Pune
and Maharashtra. In the past several years PCMC Painters have worked on many individual projects,
Builder contracts as well as Individual Painting contractors. We also have experience and worked
with painting tenders on many private and Govt. Projects.

POP & False Ceiling Services

Another of our area that we also specialize in other than painting is POP and False ceiling services,
with our work in the industry we may have picked up a few other services, of which we also
specialize in POP & False Ceiling services.

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